So, I asked my Principal……

How much trouble would I get into for using this instead of Elf on the Shelf in my room?

I got an uneasy laughing glance as if to say, “Are you completely insane?” I wasn’t completely serious, because I knew I would never subject this creepster to my wee ones, but I LOVE Chucky in a Chair!! I have yet to EVER (nor will I ever) see a Chucky movie, but when I see this post on Facebook I burst out laughing uncontrollably every single time.

Can you imagine walking into a room and seeing that dang doll smiling at you from afar….he even has a bit of shadow lighting on his face to add to the creepy-ness. The Elf may be creepy with his pursed lips and side stare….but he ain’t got nothing on ‘ol Chuck. Come to thinks of it……Annabelle isn’t even as creepy and Chucky, neither is Pennywise……

I wonder what my husband would do if he walked in the bedroom, turned on the light, and Chuck was sitting in my reading chair? Hmmmm……food for thought, Food. For. Thought.

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