Early birds don’t get the good worms!!!

Getting up early isn’t part of my genetic make up. No matter how hard I try, and really, I’ve tried, I cannot become a morning person. I can be a hyped up on coffee morning person, but not a true organic morning person. Setting my alarm is painful, hearing it go off is even more painful. I love to watch the sun rise, but would rather be in bed, snuggly warm. My mother was the epitome of “not a morning person.” My dad got me up for school, made big breakfast meals for us to share, and got my mother’s coffee going, but it took her HOURS to roll out of bed. I can relate. One of the greatest joy’s of parenthood is when the baby sleeps through the night!!! I was lucky to have one start at 3 months…..my 2nd one, not so much, she was 3.5 YEARS OLD. I just knew I’d never sleep again!! I married a morning person who finds great joy in hounding me to get up until I lose my shit and finally get up. I give him the stink eye for about an hour, then I’m done with the pity party and the day gets started.

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