Poor, Poor Rudy….

Sweet Rudy has been my classroom Elf on the Shelf for 6 years. The kids run in and look for him daily whether I am their teacher or not. Rudy has been caught in quite a few naughty scenarios….playing cards with a sketchy group, throwing snow all over the art table, riding a pony across the top of the whiteboard, herding cattle, trying to make the class pet fish into fish tacos…..the list goes on.

This year, we lost Rudy pretty early on. A student picked him up out of his glitter angel and reposed him. This of course made him lose his magic and he returned home to the North Pole. We miss him. Students still ask about him, hoping he will return, but I keep telling them he won’t be back until maybe next year. It was a sad day finding Rudy gone. I hope we have better luck next year.



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