When you live in Texas…..

you can go to the beach year ’round. That’s just what we did this past weekend, and took the lil fella you see right here. He is a love bug who LOVES the beach. I get my exercise in when we go. He is all over the place!! I started him out barefoot with his pants rolled up to his knees. I soon realized the pants were going to continue falling down, so off they came. Yes, I was the one with a toddler running around on the beach in December in a diaper. My mother would be aghast. In a diaper, in public, NEVER!! I tucked in his oh so cute dinosaur Christmas tree shirt into said diaper and off he went. We had a great time….feeding pesky seagulls, much to my friend’s dismay, chasing waves, and just plain running around outside on the beach. It sure beats sitting inside in front of an electronic device. Of course, two minutes into the car ride off the island, he was out, and I mean OUT. He didn’t budge for a good 30 minutes.  The sad part about being at the beach, is seeing the abuse it endures. I don’t know how much trash we picked up and threw away. I am not particularly green when it comes to recycling, but I have seen what the trash does to wildlife, and I hate it. When I was in high school we had a week long church camp in Port Aransas. I was about 15 maybe. I distinctly remember finding a large sea turtle with a plastic six pack ring wound so tight around it’s leg that I’m not sure how the thing was still attached. Since then I have ALWAYS cut up those plastic rings before disposal. The one thing I have always loved is sea life, water, beaches, water sports, etc….There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on the beach looking out into the wide open sea. We need to care for it and it’s inhabitants (just my two cent soap box). Again, nothing better than being able to run around the beach, in December, with a toddler barefoot in a diaper….OH!! and a girl’s ear muffler fitted around his tube filled ears to keep them warm and dry. He looked like a little prairie child with his little make shift muffler.


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