While in prison……

I realized, it’s a good thing I never went to prison/jail!! Yesterday, my friends and I did an escape room, and the room I chose (birthday gift) was the room entitled “Prison Escape”. We had stolen a bar of gold and been arrested. While being held in the pokey, we were each handcuffed inside the locked cell……then, the fun began. We had an hour to find the gold bar and get out. I doubled up on my Clonazepam just to be on the safe side of a literal panic attack, but found it not warranted (I’ve been handcuffed before-see previous post-and each time I lost my shit due to lack of movement). We were so busy trying to find clues to the next level, I had no time to think about being handcuffed to a wall. My bestie and I got out pretty quick. It was getting the other two out that was our first frustration. I had the walkie and asked for a clue, and the guy gave us one FOR THE WRONG LOCK!! Not cool Carrot Top (I swear he was his doppleganger)!! Our next frustration was realizing we needed to go through a secret passage, which we weren’t aware of. We’d put together one clue, then….nothing, another clue, then….nothing. We timed out and as competitive people, that was a downer. Once Carrot Top went over the enter series of events, there was NO WAY we were getting out of there! We should’ve known this though. The completion rates/attempts are on the doors of the rooms, and ours was like 297/924, something close to that. We are officially on the “Wall of Losers”, and I can now say, I’ve been to prison, Ka-Clink!!

What made this not so bad was because I had a walkie, and I knew I could get out if absolutely necessary. Real prison, not so easy to get out. Of course, I tend to follow the law, so going to prison isn’t a great concern of mine but, small enclosed spaces ain’t my thing! Anywhere I go, I look for an escape route, whether it be in an office building, movie theater, amusement ride, etc. Knowing that my getting out into the open is possible puts me at ease in any situation.

I digressed into the whole prison thing, but I highly recommend going to an escape room, it was as much fun as it was disappointing. I will definitely try one again!


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