Middle School…..the worst 3 years of your life.

If you enjoyed your middle school years, congratulations. You were an anomaly to a time when hormones raged, voices squeaked, periods showed up unannounced in the worst of places and mean girls ruled the school. The movie ‘Mean Girls’ summed things up nicely. Girls. Are. Bitches. Period. The sad part is, some stay that way. Case in point Jennifer. Jennifer was a mean ass bitch in middle school, and remains mean to this day. I ran into her at a football game, recognized her and said hello…..her response? Hello did she say back? Uhhhmmm, no her exact response to a simple hello was, “Do I know you?”. Hmmm…..well not really, at least not for 30 years, but does that matter? When someone says hello, don’t most people say hello back and then go back to the stands and tell friends, “some loony bird acted like she knew me, but I have no idea who she is”. I find it interesting, and maybe a bit sad that some people never grow out of immaturity. Maybe it’s simply an intrinsic personality they are born with, maybe they want to remain “cool” their entire lives, or maybe they just don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves and their interests. Either one, it’s stupid. We all grow up and change….or at least I hope we do. Can you imagine millions of adults running around acting like 13 year old squirrels? No thanks, not interested!

So my advise to you sweetest Jenn….grow the hell up!

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