The COVID’s got me bored and irritated…….

beyond belief. I’m not really buying into this whole mass hysteria thing. People can believe what they wish, but really, it’s just a new virus that we will figure out and get a vaccination for in the near future. Hardly anything is open, we have to wear very hard to breathe in masks, and we teachers had to scramble to implement “on-line learning”.

Granted there are some parts of our population that is at high risk medically, but they are already at high risk with all the other viruses out there…..flu becomes pneumonia, norovirus becomes severe dehydration and kidney failure, strep can turn septic…..everyday someone gets sick and sadly some die. Now, am I sticking my dad on a plane to Italy right now? No. Am I going to my sister’s by plane and sneezing and coughing all over her? No. They are high risk, so yes precautions are needed, but not to the extent of our livelihoods and our children’s education. We need to reopen this country and get back to work, period. Wear a mask, I don’t care. Too close in elevators for you? Take the stairs and get in some exercise….at this point it’s probably needed anyway. We are stronger and more resilient then we’ve been given credit for. We’ll be fine, life needs to go on. Quit worrying so much about who has it, who doesn’t, who MAY have it, who MAY not… you life, find some joy again, get some sunshine, hang out with friends….life is too short to focus on a virus. Our end has already been scripted, it’s how we live that really matters, and right now we are all missing out on LIFE!!

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